Summer sports

 10. Quadrix speedbike cc (2)
Mountain/Off Road Bikes

We have wide range of bikes which will make mountain downhill trails, as well as paths through the forest accessible for all. Solid construction, full suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, great design and the latest technology combining with safety and practicality will make it possible for you to get to places you have only dreamed before!

9. cimgo in action2

No matter on your disability you will be able explore the mountains. Thanks to its unique design it is suitable for people with any disability. Passenger seats comfortably in a bucket seat and pilot is doing all the steering and braking.
Lifts that can be used: chairlifts and cable cars (assistance needed)
Common disabilities associated with Piloted Dualski: Cerebral Palsy, Brain Injuries, and other severe disabilities

10.Quadrix-Hand2 10.Quadrix h 10. Quadrix_Hand-

Selection of off road bikes suitable for people with various disabilities riding independently. If you would like to enjoy flat, gentle rides in forests with your family or having great time zooming down the hill on extreme trucks with your friends, we have got it all! For off road rides on flat/up hill terrain we have got models with electric motors that will get you for up to 20km on one charge. For people riding in ski resorts we have got amazing down hill models. Get the lift up the hill and enjoy your ride down! For people with grip problem we provide adaptation to the handlebar.
Lifts that can be used: chair lifts, drag lifts, cable cars
Common disabilities associated with Quadrix Bikes: spinal cord injuries, amputations, Spina bifida, Post Polio and other disabilities affecting mainly lower limbs


  • Heavy-duty axle
  • Electro support drive
  • Chain protector in frame colour
  • Hydraulic disc brakes on the rearwheels and many more …
Handcycle Speedbike

This handcycle comes in 2 options: street and cross country. Depending if you would like to use it on tarmac or on dirt traks we will come up with the best solutions to meet your needs.


  • SHIMANO XT 30 gear shift
  • Front and rear wheels 26″
  • V-brake
  • Hydraulic disc brake as standard
  • Carbon backrest, depht,
    adjustable and tilt-adjustable
  • Chainguard cockpit (carbon) an knee (aluminium)
  • Crank width adjustable
  • Seat width up to 42 cm
  • Rubber steering damper
  • Approx. 16 kg (depending on model)
  • 2 different front frames (for standard sitting positionon and for reclining position
junior handcycle
 Handcycle Junior

Handcycle Junior is for children who would like to get involved in cycling activities. This custom build affordable handcycle has a 7 speed hub and adjustable seat. The design provides great stability and comfort. This model is used by individuals and it is very popular in varius cycling centres for disabled people.

Document21 joelette 1
The Joëlette outdoor trekking wheelchair

The Joëlette is a one-wheeled all-terrain chair manoeuvred by two volunteer ‚sherpas’ that enables even the most heavily mobility-challenged children or adults (muscular dystrophy sufferers, multiple sclerosis sufferers, quadriplegics) to get involved in hiking

Sofao swimming chair

Adaptive swimming flotation chair / sit-swimming solutionmanoeuvred by a volunteer guide that enables even the most heavily mobility-challenged children or adults (muscular dystrophy sufferers, multiple sclerosis sufferers, quadriplegics) to swim and bathe in swimming pools and in the sea. Once back out of the water, Sofao doubles up as a comfortable recliner to lie down and dry off in the sun, thanks to its foldaway armrests and reclining backrest.

Hippocampe pool and outdoor wheelchair

Swimming is the sporting discipline most practiced by handicapped individuals since it allows most people (from the slightly handicapped to the most heavily handicapped) to use their motor abilities in a weightless situation.Unfortunately, it is rare to find pools equipped with one or more wheelchairs providing access to the dressing room, showers, footbath, and access to a pool with a ramp or small steps to avoid the problems related to using a standard wheel chair in humid areas and preventing multiple transfers from a wheelchair to an often poorly adapted plastic chair.
You can move freely about the pool without using your standard wheelchair or getting it wet and, avoiding hygiene problems related to having outside wheelchairs near pools

Parts and extras

We have wide range of products that can be replaced at any time (seats, shock absorbers, lift harness, assistance bars, leg covers and other parts).

KLICK Electric_02 KLICK Electric_03 KLICK Electric Tetra_Power_04
Kilck Electric addon

KLICK ELECTRIC is our powered hand bike that will take you on an adventurous cruise, an outdoor trip with your friends and loved ones, on a shopping spree in town or help you do your day-to-day activities.
It connects in seconds, is suitable for different settings and environments and thanks to its small turning radius, is easily manoeuvrable in small places.

Specialhandle bar makes it suitable for tetraplegics.

Material:     Aluminium

Motor:         36V 250W with reverse gear

Wheel:         14″tyre tread or smoth tread tyre

Display:        Multifunction LCD

Battery:        Lithium 5,8/11Ah

Max dimentions: W40cm xH90cm xD50cm

Weight:       7.9kg (battery excluded)

Range:        25km-55km (battery option)

Other options:

Klick Manual – hancycle – be active

Klick Hybrid – best of handcycle and electric